What is a Comedone Extractor?
It is a very quick, easy way to remove blackheads and alleviate the problems they can cause – to help your skin look more clean, vibrant and blemish-free.

Our Comedone Extractor has two ends. Use the end that is closest in size to your blackhead to gently and completely remove the infected contents trapped inside.

What is a blackhead?
A blackhead is a pin-sized blemish with a yellow or black centered appearance. Referred to as an open comedone, blackheads are the start of acne breakouts. These blemishes form inside the pore and allow bacteria to enter which leads to the red irritated bumps associated with pimples.

What causes blackheads?
Blackheads are caused by clogged pores due to an excess oil build-up on your skin. Some other causes include poor skin care and the use of oils, oil-based make-ups and moisturizers, as well as increased sebum oil production inside your body. All of these issues cause dead skin cells or oils to build up underneath your skin and form a blackhead. 

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